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1. Is Justperfect a scam?

No, we prioritize excellent customer service and never engage in false shipping. We address any customer dissatisfaction with genuine solutions.    You can refer to the topic "Is Justperfect  a scam?"

2. Is there any risk with my payment?

No, your payment is secure. If you have any questions after making the payment, we offer unconditional refunds. Please contact our customer service.

3. What should I do after making the payment?

After payment, within 3-4 working days, we will send you QC photos of the shoes via WhatsApp or email. Once you confirm the payment, we will arrange for delivery. Please ensure you provide a valid email address for communication.

4. What if I'm not satisfied with the QC photos of the shoes?

If you are not satisfied with the QC photos and find any flaws, please contact customer service with specific reasons. They will relay your feedback to our team for shoe remaking. If you wish to request a refund, inform customer service, and they will assist with the refund process.

5. When will I receive the tracking number after confirming the QC?

Upon confirming the QC photos and clicking the blue button, we will arrange for delivery, and you will receive the tracking number within approximately 3-4 working days.

*If QC is not confirmed within 7 days(Need to click the blue button), the shipment will proceed automatically, and we will not be liable for any quality issues with the received shoes.

6. When can I expect to receive my shoes after receiving the tracking number?

Delivery times vary depending on the distance and logistics. Typically, delivery to the US takes 7-15 days, while European destinations take around 15-20 working days.

7. What if my logistics information hasn't updated for a long time?

If there is a lack of logistics updates for an extended period, please contact customer service, and they will assist in resolving the issue.

8. Do I need to pay customs duties?

No, you don't need to pay customs duties. We only charge for shipping, and all other expenses are covered. If anyone contacts you regarding customs duties, please contact us, and we will handle it for you.

9.How to pay with PayPal?

For paypal payment, you need to contact customer service, send your paypal email to customer service, and customer service will send you a paypal invoice.For paypal payment, you need to contact customer service and send your paypal email to customer service, and customer service will create a separate payment link for you.

10.How to pay with Zelle?

Zelle payment only needs to transfer the price of the order to this email ([email protected]). After the payment is successful, send a screenshot to the customer service, and the customer service will help you confirm the order.

*Refunds are not accepted in the following cases:

1) Deliberate damage to shoes

2) I am not satisfied with the shoes received

3) The size of the shoes received is not suitable

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